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Dyson dc25, You Get What You Pay For

Dyson dc25After initially going to purchase the Dyson dc14, we did some research and finally decided on the Dyson dc25 and it was worth the upgrade.
The main reason that we are so pleased with the Dyson dc25 is the ease of using the attachment tools. With the Dyson DC25, you just extend the telescoping pole, and, voila! you’re ready to go.  Other models require plugging/unplugging to use the attachment tools.  I found myself having fun using the Dyson dc25 to attack every corner and groove with specks of dirt,cobwebs, dust bunnies and pet hair in it. The Dyson dc25 also works great for cleaning the ac intake grates and the fins of our air filters, most of them without ever having to bend over.
Of course there is the fantastic suction that you  expect  from Dyson’s reputation.  Our carpet was absolutely disgusting and what the Dyson dc25  got out of our carpet the first time was absolutely incredible.
If you don’t think you’ll be using the attachment/tools on the Dyson dc25 much, the cheaper models might work for you, but if you enjoy being able to easily clean the tiny corners and grooves that no upright can fit into, then you will absolutely love the Dyson dc25 model vacuum cleaner.  The Dyson dc25 is so easy to handle and maneuver around difficult objects like couches, chairs, tables, etc.
The “Ball” feature makes turning and getting into weird corners with the Dyson dc25  a breeze, although it may take you a while to get used to but with a little practice you will be cleaning like a pro in no time.  Cleaning with the Dyson dc25 is similar to using a swivel-head mop and the way it handles.
I found the cheapest discount on the Dyson dc25  at Amazon.com and even got free shipping with Amazon Prime.

The Dyson dc25 works great and looks cool

We had needed a new vacuum for a long time and wanted something lightweight, high quality, and easy to transport up and down stairs. As I researched vacuums, I found that several brands were 25-30+ lbs., the Dyson dc25 is only 16 lbs and my back and arms are loving it. My children are old enough to start to helping with chores and the Dyson dc25  is a very easy vacuum for them to use. The Dyson dc25  pivots so easily around table legs, toys, etc. so you don’t have to take the time to move everything which saves me and my family tons of time, bruised arms, and lots of aches and pains from moving furniture.

The hand held hose on the Dyson dc25  is so easy to take out and use. There are 2 attachments that can click on. One is so cleverly designed that it has a brush feature that slides up and down over the hard plastic, so it is like having 2 attachments on one!

The Dyson dc25 bagless feature is one of my favorite things about this vacuum . The unit just pops right off, then you press a button and everything falls right into the trash. One thing I love is that the rubbish unit is clear so you can retreive something if you vacuumed it up by mistake. The only drawback I noticed is that the outside of the dust chamber does get a little dusty after letting the dirt out. I just wipe it down with a wet paper towel and pop it back on the Dyson dc25.

With the Dyson Dc25  you don’t need to select a carpet height or anything. Just flick a single button to turn off the spinning brush to clean your hardwood or laminate floors . The brush does slide out so that you can clean it too.

My husband was a bit skeptical in that the whole Dyson dc25  vacuum is made of plastic but he has since come around to agreeing with me that we made a wise investment.  I think the Dyson dc25 works great and it is so cool looking! I love the ball design and how easy it is to use. I am so glad I did some research on the Dyson dc25 and decided to purchase it.

The Dyson dc25 gets a 5 star rating

When I first saw lots and lots of 5 star reviews and heard people raving about the Dyson dc25, I became quite curious about such an expensive vacuum. I checked out Consumer Reports reviews of the Dyson dc25, and found it odd that other vacuums that CR recommends have a lot of negative reviews while the all of the Dyson model vacuums and especially the Dyson dc25 were much more positive.

Out of the box, the Dyson dc25 vacuum requires very little assembly. You have to snap the roller brush head into place and with one click you’re done. No tools. The Dyson dc25 attachment wand/handle must be clicked into place and finally, the two wand attachments included must be snapped onto the body. That’s it. No more assemble required. Four clicks on the Dyson dc25 and you’re done. I would barely consider this assembly.

As many have stated, the Dyson dc25 vacuum has amazing suction. In our closet, we vacuumed the edge of the carpet where it meets our hardwood floors. The edge of our carpet wasn’t tacked down very well during installation, and we could see the Dyson dc25 literally and physically sucking the carpet up, lifting it from the floor.

We conducted a test by vacuuming a roughly 4×8 section of carpet that sees mostly average traffic. The canister on the Dyson dc25 was half-filled with very fine grey and brown dust and lots of dog hairs. It was nasty and disgusting. We had been using an Oreck XL, which stank terribly when in use. The Dyson dc25 was clearly pulling up a lot of old dust and dirt from the carpet that our old vacuum missed completely.

We have a Jack Russell terrier dog with fine white sharp hairs who sheds constantly, but the Dsyon DC25 took care of all the hair on our hardwoods, irregular slate tile, and carpet. We were told about the Bissell Pet Pack attachments that work with the Dsyon DC25 and although they don’t snap-fit, they still work just fine with pressure fitting. Using the pet roller and rubber head, I was able to quickly clean our dog’s pet bed. Initially I thought I might be wasting my time, because hairs were so imbedded into the bed’s fleece covering. However I am happy to say that I had the entire bed looking like new in less than a minute with the Dyson dc25, and the canister on the Dyson dc25 looked like I was making cotton candy with all of the hair swirling around inside. Incredible what this vacuum can do.

I find the cord length on the Dyson dc25 just right and I would think a lot of cord would be a pain to manage. I don’t mind plugging it in after each room. And like others have stated, if this is a problem, you can always buy a drop cord.

The attachments on the Dyson dc25 work very well, and my only complaint is that I wish Dyson had included a swivel/flexi head standard, and an angled brush attachment would make using the wand easier. Still, the simple lift-off action of the wand is great and I realize these complaints about the Dyson dc25 are very minor and nit picky. Flip open the top cap, pull up on the wand, and it disconnects from the Dsyon dc25 vacuum and suction diverts to the wand. Or, you can simply disconnect the wand and use the hose directly. The expanding hose is a little stiff, but the one I tried in the store was much looser, so I expect it to loosen up with age and become a little easier to use. If there is any area I would like to see improved on the Dyson dc25, it is that I wish the wheels could lock on the body when using the hose. I guess having it roll prevents the vacuum from tipping over if the hose is pulled too tight, but it would be handy to have the option to lock the wheels and prevent the vacuum from rolling at times.

I am very happy with my purchase, and I would highly recommend the Dyson dc25 to anyone interested in a quality vacuum that will last a lifetime.

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Dyson dc25

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The Amazing Dyson DC25 Vacuum Cleaner

Dyson dc25

The Dyson dc25 vacuum has Dyson‘s patented Ball technology allowing for easy twisting and turning to make your vacuuming easier around furniture or other difficult to move objects. This technology cuts down on missed angles and tiresome back and forth vacuuming. Encapsulated within the ball is the machine’s 11 amp motor, which creates a super low center of gravity for the utmost in maneuverability and ease of operation. The Dyson dc25 also uses the patented Root Cyclone Technology to separate the debris from the air by use of centrifugal force, thus ensuring super efficient cleaning and no clogging or loss of suction like other model vacuums.

The Dyson dc25 can be used on all types of floors and has a motorized brush bar which can be turned on to remove pet hair and dirt from carpets or turned off when you need to protect your delicate rugs and floors. Another fantastic feature of the dyson dc25 model vacuum is the quick draw telescope reach wand which can expand up to 16 feet to reach drapes, upholstery, and those difficult to vacuum stairs.

The Dyson dc25 has a patented air filtration system

To provide cleaner expelled air the Dyson dc25 comes with a lifetime washable HEPA filter that traps microscopic allergens like bacteria and pollen. As a matter of fact the air that is expelled from a Dyson is up to 150 times cleaner than the air you breathe making all Dyson cleaner products certified asthma friendly by the Asthma and Allergy foundation of America. The unit contains a one third gallon bin which empties quickly without ever having to touch the dust. You simply have to press the button and dust will instantly empty from the bottom. The dust bin on the Dyson dc25 has a clear polycarbonate cover allowing for easy viewing of the cleaning process and gauging when the bin needs to be emptied.

Using the Dyson dc25 makes vacuuming and cleaning a breeze

Have you ever heard the expression ‘you get what you pay for’ ?  Well with the Dyson dc25 vacuum cleaner you get what you pay for and then some.  This incredible cleaner will save you time, money, and give you peace of mind knowing that your floors, carpets and upholstery are the super clean of animal dander, dust, dust mites and any other disgusting rubbish which may be lurking within your carpets, furniture, floors, or drapes.  With the Dyson dc25 you will not have to keep buying expensive vacuum bags, replace those pesky vacuum belts,  and will probably never need to buy another vacuum ever again.  So while the Dyson dc25 is indeed initially more expensive than most other vacuum cleaners on the market today, it will more than pay for itself quickly.  Read the latest Dyson dc25 Reviews for more information.

Dyson dc25 vacuum review

Initially I was somewhat hesitant about purchasing a Dyson dc25 vacuum mainly because of the price, but I must say that this has been one of the best purchases I have ever made for several reasons. I suffer from lower back pain therefore vacuuming is very painful and laborious for me. I also own several dogs and with all of the per hair I find myself having to vacuum all of the time. The Dyson dc25 is literally a miracle for me. It is so lightweight and very easy to maneuver that I don’t have the pain I used to have after vacuuming the whole house. This unit just glides so easily and effortlessly across all of my floors including carpets, rugs, and hardwoods that I can vacuum in a fraction of the time and get much cleaner results. Easily one of the best purchases I have ever made.

Also right out of the box the Dyson DC25 was so easy to put together. Everything just snaps into place. You can tell that a lot of thought went into the dyson dc25 design so that it functions well. It can move flush along a wall which for me rarely requires me to use the attachments. I expected it to be much larger than it actually is. The Dyson dc25 is small and very lightweight at 16lbs compared to the 25 to 30 lbs for other comparable 11 amp vacuum cleaners and also pretty quiet.

Another great thing about the Dyson dc25 vacuum is that it is not a dust magnet like other vacuums. The last vacuum that I owned seemed to attract more dust to itself than actually sucking it into the canister. My Dyson dc25 has stayed clean enough that I can store it inside my house unlike my other Dirt Devel model which I kept outside.

This may sound silly but the Dyson dc25 has revolutionized vacuuming and cleaning for me and I could not be more pleased. I am very particular when it comes to having a clean house and vacuuming was always such an unpleasant but necessary chore to keep my house clean. Now that I have purchased the Dyson dc25 I no longer dread vacuuming and actually enjoy it.

Best Dyson DC25 Suppliers

Currently Amazon.com has the lowest price for the Dyson dc25. Their price has varied from $369.99 to $399.99 as they always try to remain the lowest online price leader. Usually they are competing with Walmart and often times both retailers will have the same price for the Dyson dc25 as well as other popular products. Another great vacuum that you may want to consider is the Dyson dc14 which is generally not quite as expensive as the Dyson dc25 but has the same quality without a few of the features.

Dyson dc25 Sale

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Dyson dc25 Sale at Amazon

Dyson dc25
The best site to go for a Dyson dc25 sale is Amazon.com.  They have recently lowered their price to just $369.99 and you can get free shipping with Amazon prime.  The Dyson dc25 usually retails for $499.99 at most brick and mortar stores and at many online retailers making Amazon’s price a great deal.  They do change their prices often even from day to day sometimes so if you are serious about investing in the amazing dc25 vacuum then you should jump on this price soon as it is the lowest we have seen for this product ever.  You can click the price on the right side of this site for more information about the Dyson dc25 sale going on now.

Dyson dc25 sale at Walmart

Walmart has also created their own Dyson dc25 sale by trying to compete with Amazon.com.  Both retailers recently had this vacuum priced at $382.54 until Amazon lowered their price to $369.99.  This incredible cleaning dyson dc25 all floors will make your vacuuming much easier and quicker.  Read some full Dyson dc25 Reviews here.  You also may want to consider the Dyson dc14 or the Dsyon dc25 animal if you have pets and need some extra features designed for cleaning up pet hair and dander.

Dyson dc25 Vacuum

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Benefits of the Dyson DC25 Vacuum

The Dyson dc25 vacuum also cleans the expelled air by trapping microscopic allergens like pollen and bacteria in its washable lifetime HEPA filter.  The expelled air has been shown to have up to 150 less times bacteria and mold than the air that you breathe making all of Dyson’s upright vacuums certified asthma friendly by the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America.  The dyson dc25 vacuum has a hygienic 1/3 gallon bin which can be quickly emptied without ever having to touch or come in contact with any debris.  You simply just have to touch the button and the dust empties from the bottom.  The bin is made from clear polycarbonate which allows for easy viewing of the cleaning process and allows the user to easily gauge when the unit needs to be emptied.  Check out other resources.

Dyson DC25 vacuum features

Some other clever features are fingertip controls, a constant suction power of 22 watts, a 24-3/5 foot cord with a maximum reach fo 40 2/7 feet.  The Dsyon dc25 also has on board accessory tools including a combination tool and stair tool to make for simple cleaning of stairs.  This incredible unit also has a very respectable five year parts and labor warranty. This could possibly be the last vacuum that you will ever need. Not only will the dyson dc25 vacuum make cleaning easier and more thorough but it will actually save you money and time because you will not have to be constantly buying those annoying vacuum bags. Just empty the rubbish canister and you’re all set. With its low profile brush unit vacuuming under furniture and other objects is so much easier saving you the time of moving all your furniture around.

Dyson dc25 vacuum Prices

Currently the best online price for the Dyson dc25 vacuum can be found at Amazon.com.  Prices do however change often and most often the lowest price can be found at either Amazon or Walmart.  Always remember to consider the shipping costs and taxes.  Often suppliers will offer free shipping and if you order through Amazon you will not have to pay sales tax unless you live in NY or Washington.

Dyson dc25
Check the price comparison section on the right to see the latest online dyson dc25 vacuum prices to save the most money.

Dyson dc25

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The Dyson dc25 is the most advanced model vacuum in the Dyson line.  Like the Dyson dc14, the dc25 is equipped with Dyson Ball technology.  The unit sits on a ball to make for easy twisting and turning around your furniture and other hard to manage obstacles.  This feature elimates missed angles and annoying back and forth vacuuming.  The ball is also the home for the machine’s 11 amp motor which creates a very low center of gravity making it even easier to maneuver.  Like other Dyson models this dyson vacuum uses Root Cyclone technology to seperate the dirt and debris by using centrifugal force ensuring efficient cleaning without clogging or loss of suction.  The Dyson dc25 is very effective for use on all floor types including hardwoods, carpet, and rugs.  This model features a motorized brushbar which can be turned on easily to remove pet hair from carpets, or turned off when you need to protect delicate floors and rugs.  The dc25 also includes Dyson’s amazing quick draw Telescope Reach wand, which expands easily to offer up to 16 feet of reach for easy cleaning of stairs, drapes, and upholstery.

This Dsyon model vacuum cleaner can be found at Amazon for a nice little discount from suggested retail price.   Amazon does offer free super saver shipping saving you even more money.  Of course you can always find the Dyson Model vacuums at other traditional retailers including Target, Best Buy, and others.